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hey all,
i don't normally do this sort of thing as i'm a big believer in business is business and you get what you pay for and expect what you pay for. today i had a 2 inch lift installed by John of Zordos 4wd suspension and to say i'm happy is an understatement. from the moment i got there i knew my patrol was in good hands. his work ethic and proffessionalism is second to none. as i have the mechanical aptitude of an indoor plant, he clearly explained eveythere he was doing and answered all the questions i bombarded him with. i was going to do the job myself with some help from a mate but to be honest i think i learned so much more by watching and talking to this man. parting with my hard earned on completion was absolutly painless, money truely well spent. without sounding like an ad or a relation, if you need suspension components and need them fitted don't hesitate to contact john. many thanks again john.

4.2 litre diesel club #51
I'll have to join the chorus! Had my Patrol lifted by John last week too. This is the second vehicle John has helped me with and both experiences have been great. The assistance, advice and then ongoing support is 2nd to none.
As for my truck... what a difference the new suspension has made. The 2" lift resulted in just over 70mm in improvement (even with heavy front and rear bar work on the truck). Handling and ride is superb.

Just wanted to jump on this band wagon! Thanks john for the great price and great job! I will follow up with pics soon but had John fit a 2" lift into my GQ. Was great to be able to discuss the various options with someone who clearly knows his stuff so that I feel that the final decision is the right one. John is great at applying no bias to products, just the facts, which is a great change to many other shops looking for a quick sale.
I'm happy to endorse all the above comments. Zordo has just installed Dobinson springs, Lovell shocks and airbags in my GU Patrol rear end. Having towed our 23ft van 15000km so far from Perth, it was starting to sag a bit at the rear although it was still towing ok. John didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need and was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. My rig is now sitting higher and with 14psi in the airbags barely drops when all hooked up. The rear end feels firmer whether towing or not and also feels very stable.
Oh yes, and his prices were very reasonable too. I am definitely happy with the result.
x eleventy billion, John has been a pleasure to deal with in the past and with the sheer number of customers he has had I have never heard a bad word about him. That really counts for something I think.
Hey guys & girls,
I'm gonna join the long line of customers absolutely stoked with Zordo's work. Just got a 3" lift installed and it's fantastic! Great job, great price and great chin wag! He doesn't cut corners and if there's anything you don't know, he's more than happy to talk you through it, i can't talk his work up enough!
So we have certainly had a good test of the new suspension, as promised, here are my thoughts:

1. Initially I was a little worried, it was pretty firm and a bit 'bangy' I was worried that all the plastics in the car would rattle free on rough roads!

2. We only lose about 15mm in the back with a full 180ltrs of fuel and a fully loaded camper (close to 180kg ball weight) and the front is only lifting by about 10mm, the steering is still natural, not like the MD springs, it was far too light in the front once we were hitched 3. We towed the camper all the way to Far North Queensland (Mount Garnet, north west of Cairns) up the Bruce on the way up, and back inland via Charters/Emerald and Roma. It felt fantastic, dips, pot holes, cattle grids galore, it was awesome.

4. We spent a week on a cattle station that had approximately 30klms of private unsealed road, medium corrugations in places, to into and out of, it felt great.

5. Unhitched, we did a fair bit of 4WD and the extra lift was really needed, didn't get a chance to 'flex' much but it handled everything we threw at it with aplomb.

6. The ride has settled down wonderfully, and it is a smooth and comfortable as the original MD springs were, very comfortable.

All in all I could not be happier, the goal was to get a suspension upgrade that would take the camper and a good load in the boot for our 'big trip' whilst still remaining comfortable around town and we have nailed it.

Thank you so much John, a very very happy customer who be sure to spread the word (i've already handed out your card to 2 other mates with pathfinders looking for lift)

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